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OldSkoolQueene's Podcast

JUST LISTEN to Old Skool QueenE Music and her old school view on a Subject or Issue!

Nov 16, 2021

My Brothers and I share our old school view on Relationships where the Women stands by their Man.  SONG LINK:  My Mother Is A Black Woman 7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU7KfXd3RInf5KUL4bTGUU