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OldSkoolQueene's Podcast

JUST LISTEN to Old Skool QueenE Music and her old school view on a Subject or Issue!

Aug 16, 2022

This is my Part 2 old school view and followup from Part 1 of my Review of Author Zane's 2014 Best Seller Novel called Addicted. I bring in my Brother's to continue my perspective on the book and other types of addictions.  SONG DOWNLOAD 

Aug 14, 2022

I share WHUR 96.3FM Broadcast of the Rankin Memorial Chapel Sunday Service whose Guest Pastor name I missed.  He preached about non-violence and out of the Bible of Paul's actions.  SONG

Aug 10, 2022

I share my old school views and perspectives with my Brothers commentary on the Supreme Court's overturning the Roe vs. Wade case on Abortion.   SONG 

Aug 9, 2022

Hear my old school perspective on this subject titled Addicted. I share my critique and review of this 2014 best seller Novel Book titled Addicted by Author Zane. This part one by Me will continue in Part 2 with both my Brothers and me giving our views and old school opinions.  SONG

Aug 7, 2022

I share WHUR 96.3FM Radio Broadcast of Rankin Memorial Chapel Church Service Guest, Bishop Maria Kane.  She preached on the Birth of our Lord and Savior.   SONG DOWNLOAD