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OldSkoolQueene's Podcast

TAKE A LISTEN to Old Skool QueenE Music and her old school view on a Subject or Issue!

May 4, 2023


To Me I celebrate my Blessings that was gifted to me to see another year.  I celebrate milestones, I celebrate anniversaries, and I celebrate life.   NEW...

Apr 29, 2023

ALBUM Name: THISIS4U- 2 GET YOUR ROLL ON ...  This is my mixed genre track Album of highlights.  It is a 12-Track that I started in 2020 and finished today 2023. I opened with a Gospel Track called God's Angels that was released in 2020 as a Single after I watched the Marchers protest here in DC about George Floyd. I...

Mar 29, 2023

This is the 100 Episode to be broadcasted on this Podcast.  I put togethher this specia Bluetooth Playlist to celebrate.  These hand picked songs from my Music Library is for your Bluetooth and Drivers to get Your Roll On.  These songs are available to download at all Digital Stores. 

Dec 8, 2022

For your enjoyment and celebration my Playlist is a mixed genre of Christian, Hip-Hop, Gospel, RnB and Rap Music.  Get your Download of any one of my songs to help it climb a Music Chart.


Dec 1, 2022

Enjoy my Music includinging Holiday Music and show your love with a Download!  Thank you for your support of the Independent Artist!  SONG LINK